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Reward Catering Pods are lightweight and a more affordable alternative to traditional airstream style food trucks starting from just €9,000. Whichever appearance and custom style to suit your requirements, clients of Reward Catering can be guaranteed that our pods are 100% handbuilt in Europe to the highest standards, with unrivaled attention to detail. Our company keeps an authentic look and feel to each custom pod while enabling modern functionality and lightweight portability to get your catering business up and running at a minimum cost. They can be used effectively to sell food, cocktails/beer, icecream, coffee, and much more. Kick start your new catering business today with one of Reward’s Catering Pods!

Catering Pod L220

Catering Pod L275

Catering Pod L320

Strong Fibreglass Body

The fibreglass body provides strong protection against external elements. Connected on a sturdy steel profile frame.

Interior Insulation & Coating

The interior is fully covered with premium quality stainless steel which is insulated with 15mm of glass wool.

Ground Features

Pool design which is non-slip and washable.

Visual Advertising Areas

Visual display advertising can be easily printed on any part of its outer surface.

LED Ceiling Lights

LED energy-efficient ceiling lights are used as interior lighting.

Integrated Electrical Panel

The integrated electrical panel consists of leakage current and safety automats.

Electrical Input

2 blue 2-pin inputs with 2 x 220V energy inputs.


High strength galvanized sheet with strong durability and security. Fully EU compliant chassis and tires.

Door & Window Features

Outward opening supported, equipped service window which can be used as an extra service area. It also provides a waterproof closure with its top gasket.

Paint Options

The outer fiberglass body can be painted in our standard 5 colors or with our special Ral number color selection.

Mechanical Foot Feature

A practical foldable system that is dip galvanized coated containing 4 balancing legs.

Frame Drawbar

Comes with the standard EU compliant Knott 50 mm locking head.

Stop Lights and Reflectors

Stoplights and all reflectors on the pods are fully E-certified.


Fully conforms to EEC standards. An EU-compliant brake/non-brake coupling system.

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