The mobile catering Trailer and Food truck manufacturing specialists

At Reward Catering we have been actively involved in creating purpose-built vintage trailers and vehicles for the catering community in Ireland & UK for many years and have accumulated a vast knowledge of the industry.

The specialist areas we operate within are building, food trucks, Airstream catering trailers, mobile cocktail bars, gin bars, prosecco bars, coffee trailers, pizza trailers and corporate branded mobile kitchens.

All vehicles and trailer are built from new and centered around a classic-style vehicle or trailer appearance, which has become ever more popular for event vendors in recent years.

Vintage vehicles will always have an edge in catching an onlooker’s eye and have helped draw in a crowd. Adding a functional food or drinks business has created a winning formula for this concept.

Please see our Product Range page to view some finished examples of Airstream & Citreon Catering Trailers and Food Trucks.

The Company aims to create catering vehicles which stand out from the rest in terms of both quality and design features. There are off-the-shelf trailers which are ready for purchase at our showroom in Dublin. Otherwise, Reward Catering can assist you with a design-finish of your choice, which is a mere phone call away!

The three top lined model, the company manufacturers, are all based on a vintage retro look. Each is a new purpose-built vehicle or catering trailer. All the benefits of modern engineering and running gear give high-quality peace of mind. The contemporary catering facilities offer a range to suit your needs; whether it’s food or beverages, each will deliver the best, in quality and efficiency.

Our trailers come in a range of sizes to fit most needs or can be made to accommodate your specific size and decorative requirements.

Contact us today to ask about our corporate rental and branding opportunities.