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Reward Catering Containers are perfect a more affordable alternative to traditional brick and mortar restaurants. They can be used in permanent or temporary locations and can be modified to suit any business. There is no need for special flooring, so it can be placed on most surfaces. The containers, which come in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes, can also be branded with your company’s logo which will help you to really stand out from the rest. With optional add-ons such as the terrace application or cold room, you can customise your container to match your exact functional needs. Thanks to being modular, your setup can consist of multiple containers, so you can expand your premises.

So if you’re looking to setup a café or get your new bakery up and running, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you with your specific requirements.

Container with Platform

Container with Platform

Shutter System

Shutter System

Terrace Application

The Railings, ground and other works required for the use of the upper terrace are optionally available in this food container.

Sliding Glass Cover

The Sliding glass cover is made from premium tempered durable double glazing. Adequate protection from external risk factors.

Flower Barrier Application

Designed as an illumination flower bed. Provides extra comfort and protection.

Cold Room 7m³ +4 °C

Can be integrated into the container. 7m³ volume, +4 C° internal temperature.

Indoor Air Conditioning System

Indoor conditioning system with 24,000 BTU or 30,000 BTU options with single engine double indoor unit (15+15.).


Includes external storage. Complete with grinder and pump.

Tube Cabinet

Closed secure cabinet with a capacity of 2 tubes weighing 45 kg.

Integrated Napkin Dispenser

Cup Dispenser

Disinfectant Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

21” Presentation Monitor

Sound System

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Blanket

Illuminated Awning

Underneath lighting complete with remote controlled awning.

UV Advertising Coating

Special advertising coating which is resistant to harsh conditions such as sunlight and rain.

Gas Installation System

Gas installation system complete with connection points.

Electric Hot Water Tank

Hot water boiler with a capacity of 60-100 litres for supply and storage.

Solar Panel System

600W/1200W/1800W solar panel system.

80x200 cm Door

Full aluminium frame complete with Lock app: 80x200cm.

70x100 cm Window

Full aluminium frame complete with Lock app: 80x200cm.

Retractable Cleaning Hose

Retractable cleaning hose for practical efficient cleaning.

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