07 Sep 2021

How to target millennials with your food truck in 2021 and beyond?


You may wonder why it is worth considering targeting millennials with your food truck business and what is unique about this generation of consumers. 

Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 is considered a millennial, meaning people from 25 to 40 years of age. This age group has disposable income and is more likely to purchase food on the go than their parents. They also have more money to spend than the Gen Z – who are below 25 years of age. Generation Z share similar values to millennials so by focusing on millennials you will also cover what matters to the younger generation.

It is common sense that younger people are more interested in food trucks due to their convenience and their desire for new tastes and experiences. As a smart entrepreneur, you should focus your efforts strategically – which means a target audience which is most likely to buy from you.

Why are millennials your perfect customer?

  • Millennials are often on the go and lack time to prepare food or eat at home. ✔

Unlike the older generation who have more time on their hands and cook at home, millennials are the working generation who are more likely not to have their lunches always made for work. Food trucks are a convenient solution for a quick, affordable meal.

  • They like to eat out and try new things.✔

‘Millennials desire to try new things – new foods and a new culture’ according to the Journal of Food and Service 

  • They value convenience. ✔

This generation doesn’t always like to cook and will look for an easier alternative to tame their hunger. 

  • Many consider themselves foodies and have a food blog. ✔

You can find 196 million posts under #foodie on Instagram! Targeting millennials with your truck is a good choice for free advertising! 

  • The older millennials are parents and will bring kids with them. ✔

This target audience will bring more mouths to feed. 

  • They can be your long-term loyal customers. Since millennials are young people you have a potential to obtain life long customers.✔

Now that we’ve discussed the main reasons why millennials are a good target audience we will move on to some strategies you can implement to best appeal to them. 

How to appeal to millennials' tastes?

  • Make the experience easy and convenient

Millennials love convenience. Make the experience short and sweet. Keep the menu short and simple. Offer takeaway delivery if possible for those who want to stay at home and relax after day’s work.

  • Align with their values.

Up to date research from GlobeScan’s annual Healthy and Sustainable Living study has helped to gain an in depth comprehension of how generations differ in their opinions, experience and attitudes when it comes to the topic of sustainability.

The study has shown that millennials and generation Z are more likely to feel ashamed to lead an unhealthy and not environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Millennials are more educated and aware than their previous generations. They care about the future of our planet and appreciate brands that promote values such as taking care of the environment and offer sustainable products. You can simply go for biodegradable cutlery and packaging. 

  • Offer healthy options

As per study above, millennials feel quite ashamed to indulge in unhealthy foods. Millennials also buy less processed foods compared to the older generations. They prefer to buy whole, raw, unprocessed items. Make sure to offer healthy alternatives in your food truck such as healthy smoothies and vegetarian options.

  • Inform about the ingredients

Make sure to inform your audience about the ingredients used in your meals. This generation likes to stay informed about what goes into their body as they are health conscious.

See how our clients did it!

Lean Green Machine

These ladies positioned themselves as ‘a super green solution for Mind, Body and Soul!’ which is a great message to have, especially during the current pandemic crisis. People right now are paying more attention to health and emotional well-being and Lean Green Machine provide their ‘super green solution’ in an easy, convenient way.

The food truck menu focuses on plant-based, nutritious meals as well as gourmet, organic coffee. They also have some vegan waffles to offer in order to delight children accompanying their parents. The airstream trailer is based by a beautiful fishing lake providing a real nurturing experience for the body and soul.

The business partnered up with 2GoCup company with a mission to decrease disposable cup waste. This project has everything a millennial can dream of!


‘EL&N has become one of the most Instagrammable destinations in the world, with our iconic flower walls, pink interiors and alternative lattes taking social media by storm. Our brand embodies creativity, style and optimism and our dedicated team of baristas, chefs, marketeers and industry experts work together to bring the EL&N vision to life.’


This brand has a really positive ethos ‘Eat, Live & Nourish’ and provides an amazing experience each time you enter their chic premises or order from their food trailer! Millennials absolutely adore this visually stimulating environment and share photos on social platforms.

Kish Fish

Kish & Fish are a family seafood market who also own a catering unit. They jumped on an opportunity to serve their own freshly caught fish and produce. The gourmet items include fresh seafood chowder, smoked trout, smoked salmon sandwiches, salmon fillet salad with couscous, hummus and pickled cabbage as well as prawn cocktail sandwiches!  The menu also includes freshly baked treats, gourmet coffee and child friendly options.

Their perfect location, pier of Howth, plays a big part of the relaxing experience. Millennials absolutely adore the concept of consuming fresh food as well as knowing exactly where it came from. 

Song and Jenn’s

Song and Jenn’s food trailer appeals to the taste of millennials due to various reasons. The menu is diverse and offers many different options. You can get more mainstream meals such as chicken and beef burger, chicken wings or pizzas. For people who like to try different cuisines, they offer Korean foods such as bibimbap, bulgogi, jeyuk, tteokbokki and Korean noodle dishes. Also they have an amazing selection of sushi and various veggie options which are becoming increasingly popular among millennials.

The Foxytail Coffee Company

Why do people love the Foxytail company? This company is dog-friendly and they support dogs by fundraising for local charities. With this positioning the business has gained over 1000 followers on social media and has built a loyal community of dog walkers.

As you can see each of the projects above has something unique to offer. Whether it’s healthy alternatives, locally sourced products or a mission to impact the world in a positive way! 

Make sure to jump on this opportunity and follow these trends and you will attract more customers to your business.

How are attitudes towards food and drink changing in 2021?


According to Mintel’s Global Food and Drink Trend report the pandemic has emphasised and put light on what really matters to consumers. 

‘The pandemic has made consumers recognise that wellbeing is a vital concern. The already rising attention on mental and emotional health has been multiplied by the pandemic and its far-reaching impacts. In the coming years, consumers will be looking for more products and services that offer mental and emotional health benefits. Functional formulations and emotionally engaging multisensory products will help food, drink, and foodservice brands command a larger share among a myriad of mental and emotional health options. Mintel predicts that innovative food and drink formulations will help people learn how diet can impact mental and emotional health, which will lead to new interest in psychology-based approaches to healthy eating.’ 

How do you think you can use this shift in attitudes to benefit your business? As an entrepreneur you should always adapt to meet current customer demands. Offering more than just a meal is vital, you need to provide an experience that will resonate with your audience.

Unsure how to reposition your food truck branding?

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