05 Oct 2021

Getting your food truck ready for Halloween


It’s time to get your food truck ready for Halloween 2021! It is certainly a time awaited by many children and young people in Ireland. By this time more of the Covid-19 restrictions will be loosened and people will be feeling more comfortable and safer to go out. Due to a long time spent with limited entertainment people will certainly be getting prepared for celebrations of Halloween 2021.

Halloween is slowly approaching and now is the time to start getting ready for this exciting time as it brings an opportunity to boost your food truck sales. This occasion is also a chance to get your brand out there! Read on for tips from Reward Catering on how you can get your catering unit ready for this festive season.

Decorate your food truck

Let’s start with the decor and theme for your food truck. You can keep it really simple and go for a classic black and white theme, covering your truck in hanging cobwebs, skeletons and spiders. Another spooky look for your unit could be an all-white theme featuring painted pumpkins, hanging eyeballs, faux bones, Casper ghost cut-outs and any white elements you can think of. For a more vibrant appearance you can go for the popular pumpkin decor.

Don’t forget about spooky signage and chalkboard drawings!

Spookify your food truck menu

To complement the exterior you can keep the colour palette consistent with your menu items. For example, if you plan on selling Halloween theme cupcakes, keep the colour of the frosting the same. 

For the Halloween week you can add more items to your menu. Cute muffins and cookies, caramel covered apples and s’mores would make for a good addition for this occasion. Another option would be to offer current items with a Halloween touch, for example pumpkin spiced coffees or cakes. Go and seek inspiration online! Zombie sponge fingers, spider’s web cakes, pumpkin shaped pies and pizzas are some of the great ideas we came across.


Let people know on social media

Make sure to set up your food truck for Halloween a few days prior to the day to create some buzz. Show off your beautifully decorated unit across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok with relevant hashtags like #halloween2021 #halloween #trickortreat and location hashtags to let people know where you are!

Give out free treats

Want to attract parents with children to your food truck? Stock up on some free candy to give out on Halloween night! It is a good opportunity to give something back to your community and to be remembered. Next time the families will be passing by your food truck they will remember you for enhancing their kids’ experience on the night. Free Halloween samples of your food like mini pizzas or sandwiches is also a good occasion to let your community taste what you have to offer. You can ask people to share images of your free samples on social media to let other people know they can taste your food for free this Halloween.

Run a competition

You can run a competition for families in the local area like a Scavenger hunt and offer a voucher or free meals to the winners. Another competition that you can run on social media is a Halloween costume competition for kids or both kids and adults. Simply ask the competitors to comment below your post with #halloween2021 to enter the competition. Ask them to send you a photo of their costume directly or tag you underneath the photo if they share it to their feed. The more people comment under your post and the more people tag you in their post,the more reach your social media accounts will get.

Play Halloween themed music

What would a Halloween night be without eerie Halloween themed music? Make sure to play some spooky soundtrack to enhance your customer experience! You can find a lot of suspenseful soundtracks on Spotify.

Dress up and have fun!

Enjoy yourself on the night and connect with your customers. After all, your customers want to fancy a good night out, especially after the struggles the pandemic has brought. As Ireland is set to loosen restrictions further in late October, people can’t wait to get out, socialize and have a blast! 

Get creative and enjoy this Halloween! 

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