05 Feb 2021

Benefits of Concession Trailers for Expanding your Food Business


Every business owner has the potential to expand. Whether you are a multiple business owner or just want to change location, you should be finding ways beyond the normal to help grow your business. The food truck industry is consistently growing and is now becoming a popular way of expanding your business. Food concession trailers are in high demand and more people are getting involved in this new business venture. Concession trailers offer a wide variety of options for expanding your reach growing your profitability, and marketing your business. Here are some of the great benefits of concession trailers for expanding your food business.  

Mobile Moving Advertisement 

Long gone are the days of the yellow pages and billboards on the roadside for advertising can be expensive. Having a food concession trailer customised to your business with your logo and name on the trailer will give you your own mobile billboard. When you are driving around to different locations, your trailer will be seen for free. Add some pictures of the food that you offer and give people who pass “food for thought”. You are spreading awareness wherever your trailer is located. This will also have a direct impact on your restaurant business as people will recognize the name when they search for their next meal online. Advertising is an ongoing process so it won’t cost you anything to showcase your business on the open road.  

They Require a Lower Initial Investment 

Food trucks are a high-profit food business idea, typically because it involves a much lower investment compared to a sit-down restaurant. This is a competitive advantage as the money you save in setting up can be used for other operations like menus or marketing. The only main cost is buying the trailer. You shouldn’t cut corners on your trailer and it should be high end as this is your business foundation.  

You Can Travel to Different Locations

The great thing about operating a food truck mobile business is that you are not tied to one location. You can travel around on wheels driving to different places while serving your food. If your food and menu aren’t working out in one location, you can simply move on to another spot. By travelling to different areas and locations, this will give you the opportunity to increase your target audience. You can travel to many locations on a weekly basis and attract a different audience. The bigger your audience the more profit and greater reputation you will build.  

Catering for Special Events  

To gain a local presence, you should consider attending local events, fairs, markets, and outdoor shows giving you a great money-making opportunity. With a restaurant, you are stuck in one location but with this method, you can join social gatherings that cater to food truck businesses. At some events or fairs, you may be required to pay an entry fee to participate as a food vendor so you should consider the cost of the fee and your return on investment prior. With the right marketing, before and during the event, you can increase the odds of a great return on investment in your favour. Support your local community or local league team which will give you a great opportunity to promote your food business and sell more food.  

Experiment with New Menus 

Experimenting with a restaurant menu isn’t always easy as the menus are generally more extended, however with a menu that is smaller like on a food truck, you can experiment and try different foods making them unique with a twist to normal food options. By experimenting with new foods, you could also add them to your restaurant business. People visiting food trucks are always open to trying new, fun, and creative foods. The food that you sell will show you a trend of what’s working and what isn’t. Tailoring your food to be quick and simple will keep down the maintenance and cook time required.  

Great for a Late-night Feed  

If you serve only breakfast and lunch options, you could consider offering food at a later hour to late-night crowds that may be leaving bars, going home from work, and nightclubs. This would be a great time to make that extra cash when people may be hungry. After dancing and socializing for hours, your customers will love a tasty late-night feed.  

Markets your Business 

Create a sampling plate with small food options on it for tasting what’s on your menu. You could consider a business card or brochure about your business; this is a great way of marketing your business effectively to new customers. Another way to market your food truck is by offering coupons and a delivery service. Your food truck can help expand your business with many of these useful ideas.  

Builds Social Media Presence 

Your food trailer is a great way to help you gain new followers online. On social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you could post your daily locations and post tasty dishes from your menu. People will start looking for your food truck when it is in their area, gaining you a diverse, devoted and loyal customer base especially during the lunchtime rush hour. Having your food trailer nearby gives you a greater opportunity to sell to the professionals who love to get out of the office for some tasty grub. When your reputation expands so will your social media presence.  

Food catering trailers are growing at a rapid rate and for great reasons. The dynamics of a food truck is completely different and unique to a sit-down restaurant. A catering trailer allows for more flexibility and better control. They are a great money maker for long term growth. The first step in starting up this new business venture is designing and finding a manufacturing a custom made food truck tailored to your business, this is what we at Reward Catering are the best in the world at. There are so many benefits for expanding your business but these are the most important.  

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